International SEO Tools

We use a broad variety of different SEO tools each day to improve our websites and make them rock the ranking here in Germany, here is a collection of some of our favourite and best seo tools specifically for multilingual and international seo;

Sistrix Sichtbarkeitsindex (Visability Index) Tool

You may or may not have heard of Sistrix, it is an visibility index that is used heavily within the German speaking internet world – there is no such thing as Alexa or PR here anymore! Here is a useful tool that lets you see exactly what the sichtbarkeitsindex for your German website is;

Google Global Market Finder Tool

Some people have some problems with this analysis tool regarding incorrect translations etc., but it is still useful for finding interesting and high volume international keywords.  It basically takes the keyword you plugin and finds the corresponding keywords in your country of choice, as well search volume for that keyword.

So for example I plugin the keyword “travel” and “holiday” into the tool and it shows me a list of those keywords used here in Germany (“reisen”, “urlaub” etc.), as well as a large list of suggested similar keywords. It can be quite handy as part of your international keyword research.

Where is the Website Hosted Tool

As we mentioned in a previous post an important part of the international SEO process is having your website hosted in the country you are looking at targeting.  Here is a simple yet useful plugin that lets you see exactly where a website is hosted plus other relevant geographic information.

For Firefox:

Social Media Management Tool

We all know the growing importance of social media within the whole internet marketing spectrum, but how does that relate to international SEO.  Well I included it here due to the scheduling feature that you can find on the products.

That is, a feature that lets you queue up posts/tweets and are automatically sent of at specific times (which can make life easier if you run multiple websites). This also means that they are set to specific time zones, so your tweets will be released in the perfect time zone for your international website.

We use Buffer and find their scheduling system ideal for different times etc.

Translator Tools

Remember to use these at a last resort for content writing, they are good for keyword research etc. but are not ideal for writing acurate translated content. For that you really need to use a native speaker.

Bing –

Google –


Try some of these other tools as well;

Geotargeting Tracker –

Hreflang Sitemap Tool –

Google Global Firefox & Chrome Extension –

Rockit Internet

Well we are the biggest “tools” of German SEO! (Obviously didn’t get a native speaker to explain the different meaning of the word tool :lol: ) – Contact us