Google Shopping

DO join the game by all means! It’s not that much effort and the audience is – typically for Google – enormous.
A strategically planned shopping campaign will reach your customers – even if you’re a newcomer.

ROCKITdigital is your agency for profitable Google shopping campaigns!

Google Shopping campaigns

Greater reach and higher sales figures with ROCKITdigital

In recent years, consumer purchasing behavior has changed significantly: by now, almost a third of all purchases are made online. Around 40% of B2C users first inform themselves online and then buy in the shop. The ecommerce trend is rising. It is therefore all the more important for you to also be present in the digital shopping world.

That’s why we at ROCKITdigital rely on strategic and target audience-oriented Google Shopping campaigns for marketing your range of products. With more than 50 million search queries per year – including around 8 million with the intention to buy – there is scarcely any other online sales platform with the same kind of reach.

Why is Google Shopping an important sales channel for your company?

Our well thought out Google Shopping campaigns are a solid foundation for effectively increasing your sales figures. This is predominantly achieved through these factors:

  • Reach: Your ads reach a multitude of potential customers through search queries with the intention to purchase. Since these are shown on all devices, you reach your users anywhere – on the way to work as well as in the evening in front of the TV – and increase the traffic on your page. You thus efficiently increase your competitiveness with our campaigns.
  • Customer acquisition: As a result of its enormous reach, Google Shopping also plays a crucial role in customer acquisition. With our campaigns, you make multitudes of users aware of you – including customers who have never visited your shop before or weren’t even aware of it.
  • Relevant product information: Each user who visits your ad gains information which is directly relevant to the purchasing decision in the form of product descriptions, images, prices, etc. This then increases the probability that users who visit your shop as a result have a greater buying interest than an Internet user who visits your online shop without Google Shopping.
  • Targeted communication: Each campaign can be granularly structured and tailored to specific target audiences. Your ads thus only reach users who are relevant for this product area, i.e. users who have specific demographic characteristics or probably have a higher buying interest than others in their search behavior.
  • Reach shopping basket dropouts: With Google Shopping you can target shopping basket dropouts precisely as soon as they search again, using Google, for a product for which the description matches the product which was already in the shopping basket.
Google Shopping ads for the search query "road bike"
Google Shopping ads for the search query "road bike"
Want to increase your sales figures?
We’ll take care of that!

How do we make profitable use of Google Shopping for you?

Since the development of a Google Shopping campaign always depends on the target audience to be reached and the range of products, we rely on individual approaches in order to achieve your objectives. See for yourself.

1. We set up your Google campaign

Before we start publishing your ads, we clarify in close collaboration with your web developer whether your shop supports the requirements for Google Shopping and give pointers on setting up the datafeed. Then:

  • We check your product descriptions, names, etc.
  • Where necessary, we implement optimizations here on the basis of keyword research.
  • We carry out a test upload on Google and check your campaigns.

We then commence ads with your entire product portfolio or your top sellers.

2. We optimize your Shopping campaigns

For maximum success, we implement the following steps for the optimization of your ads as required:

  • Exclusion of irrelevant search queries: The exclusion of irrelevant search queries is an important step for efficient use of your budget. To this end, we collect data about the search behavior of your target audience and put search queries with high costs and low revenues on the negatives list.
  • Creation of product and ad groups: We put products with particularly good performance together and advertise them in a more targeted manner. This can efficiently reduce costs.
  • Suggestions for product feed optimization: The product information which is on file in the datafeed is a significant factor which determines the appearance of your ads in the search results. Not least, therefore, the feed always needs to be kept up to date.

3. We issue regular reports

We carry out regular performance measurements so that you can effectively reach your potential customers in the long term and thus increase your sales figures. In the process, we evaluate the revenues from the individual campaigns. We can thus see, among other things, which product sectors, brands, etc. are profitable and which aren’t. We define further action based on these results.
For the best possible revenues, we keep the following KPIs in view during evaluation:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Costs incurred and turnover
  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • RPC (Revenue per Click)
  • CPR (Cost per Revenue)

For optimum clarity, our reports consist of more than just numbers, they’re also complemented by informative graphics.

A brief overview of our services:

  • We set up your Google Shopping campaigns on the basis of a target audience-oriented strategy.
  • We profitably optimize your ads.
  • We measure campaign success and define next steps on this basis.

If you too would like to achieve long-term reach through our target audience-oriented Google Shopping campaigns and thus increase your conversions, contact us. We will be happy to put together a non-binding offer for you.