The periodic table from ROCKITdigital: all of the success factors for your Amazon shop at a glance

Open a shop on Amazon, set up your items and you’re up and running? Whoever entertains that thought doesn’t know that the average Amazon customer’s must-have can be found on the first page and likely in the top three results of a search. How can the newly set up shop run if the first item is the third hit on page 57?

Other sellers clearly have it better, nestled comfortably at the top of the search rankings on Amazon and taking the entire customer base and their money. You could accept this and immediately stop all of your efforts. But you could also be proactive and, for those who maybe just coincidentally got a hit, show them specifically what a winning product is.

Amazon SEO and businesses are doing well

The current hot topic of all online marketers: In the same way that websites can be optimized to occupy the top spots in Google ranking, products can be optimized so that they are at the top of the Amazon search results and consequently—assuming the product is competitive—encourage being bought.

Factors that influence ranking in an Amazon product search include

  • product title,
  • product description, or
  • product-specific keywords.

In the case that these and other ranking-relevant factors are optimized, the product can achieve a good ranking and then a good amount of traffic and—the ultimate goal—generate sales.

That this isn’t just boring theory, but rather a functional strategy can be evidenced by the success story of Kavaj GmbH. They are highly successful sellers of iPad and smartphone cases because they effectively maximized their potential.

Is there an overview of all Amazon success factors?

Every Amazon seller can use Amazon SEO as Kavaj GmbH did. But not every seller knows the crucial influencing factors or where to find them. Spare yourself the annoying Internet research. Avoid the possible confusion about differing results! Below are all of the critical success factors at a glance.

We proudly present the periodic table of Amazon success factors:

amazon – Periodic System
The factors that influence the ranking of a website on Google and how they are described in on-page and off-page factors have Amazon equivalents: performance and relevance factors. These should be considered to achieve a better-placed product page. The factors are converted into SEO elements and integrated into the periodic table, broken down and indicated by color into two categories:

  • the performance factors that impact the overall performance of the Amazon shop, and
  • the relevance factors that influence the relevance of offered products for the Amazon search.

Next are the success factors in ascending order according to their weight, and a legend to understand the common abbreviations of the period table.

The Periodic Table 2.0

Reading and interpreting the periodic table is no longer difficult. The creator predicts that the table will become so widely accepted by Amazon sellers in the next few years that crossword puzzles in the future will no longer ask for the chemical symbol for Platinum (Pt), but the Amazon SEO symbol for product title (Pt). So those who include all of the SEO elements in the maintenance of their shop and in the description of their products will without a doubt have better results.

For everyone who wants to put their Amazon shop on the path to success with an SEO star, here is the right person and the best success-promising strategy at a glance:

Boost your Amazon rankings