Amazon German and EU Market Entry

With ROCKITdigital and the international agency network RankingRoad you can master the perfect German Market Entry as well as the EU Market Entry and move to the top of Amazon's product listing!


Prepare and implement the Amazon German and EU Market Entry in an optimal way

ROCKITdigital optimises your products for the German Market Entry on

For the best possible market entry in other European countries, the EU Market Entry, we work within an enormously efficient, international agency network with experts in England, Spain, Italy and France. In this way, we combine native language and specific market knowledge for your successful Market Entry.

The Amazon German Market Entry powered by ROCKITdigital

The fact that you, as an online retailer, want to enter the German e-commerce market via makes a lot of sense: is by far the e-commerce platform with the highest turnover in Germany, and Germany is in turn the market with the highest turnover in Europe for Amazon (now even slightly ahead of Great Britain). Products are also easy to find online via Amazon.

Infografic - Annual net sales of Amazon in selected leading markets from 2014 to 2016

Addressing the Amazon EU Market Entry with international power

ROCKITdigital and RankingRoad optimise your products for the EU Market Entry on,,, and

Just as important as selling via is the expansion into the EU area: If you sell your products not only on the German Amazon Marketplace but also on,, and, you will be visible in the most important European Amazon Marketplaces. We at ROCKITdigital have the appropriate partner network with agencies in the respective country.

Amazon German and EU Market Entry in an optimal way
Amazon German and EU Market Entry in an optimal way

The teams of ROCKITdigital and RankingRoad, passionate experts for marketplace optimization, will help you to perfect your German and EU market entry! Because we know how to make product descriptions rank so that you climb up the product listing and are found by customers even before the competition. Our high-quality product texts, written exclusively by native-speaking content marketing editors, additionally convince Amazon customers throughout Europe of the quality and reliability of your offer.

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Online commerce in Germany and Europe: Challenges of market entry

Every market has its own regularities. Arguments for a product that are well received by online shoppers in France or Spain may be irrelevant or misleading for German customers. That’s why target group optimization of the appearance of your products and services is so important – simply naming keywords is not enough!

Convince with high-quality, informative and target group-optimized texts

In order to ensure a serious appearance and a good ranking, you should definitely have the titles, bullet points/attributes and descriptions of the products created by experienced, native-speaking copywriters – pure translation agencies or Google Translate are not sensible alternatives. In addition, with a Google Translate translation, there is a risk that Amazon’s algorithm cannot match product and keywords. An error-free, informative, authentic product text communicates that you know your counterpart and take him/her seriously.

Short & sweet: Why ROCKITdigital in combination with RankingRoad is the right agency for your German and EU market entry via Amazon

  • Local teams have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in their respective markets.
  • We follow the „G-Local“ approach, i.e. we think globally and act locally – thus overcoming all language and cultural barriers.
  • We stand for innovative, goal-oriented and tailor-made strategies – always with a focus on maximum success in the respective country. In advance, each target market is analysed precisely by the local RankingRoad partner.
  • A single international account manager as contact for all countries saves our clients valuable time and simplifies communication.

The e-commerce giant Amazon continues to grow disproportionately in Europe – get into the currently still manageable competition and launch your products all over Europe!

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