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Why don’t MANY sites rank?

With now 13 years of experience in service with a focus on search machines, one thing has become abundantly clear: If a company has no (clear) positioning at the heart of its marketing strategy, then we can do as much from conception to execution pertaining to SEO, online marketing, or general marketing for our valued […]

Buying backlinks rocks

Of course buying backlinks (doesn’t) rock! Why the doesn’t in brackets? Well, because it is still possible to trick Google, which is what backlinks do. And there are (increasingly less) companies and SEOs who are successful doing it. For us as agency and service provider it is VERY CLEAR: we do not buy backlinks, and we […]

Overtake the competition with the second-screen search!

Sprawled out on the couch with the TV on—pretty much everyone does it. But TV consumer behavior during channel surfing has changed over the years. Looking for program information in the good old teletext?


What are common mistakes you see from people using the disavow links tool

Common mistakes you need to avoid using Google´s disavow links tool. It is more important than you imagine! Especially if you are not a SEO-professionell, take car for what Matt is recomending!

cocaine in my rockit brain

Inverse Document Frequency, that´s what we intensively are discussing in case of SEO

That is what we are working on, to find a more scientifically way to explore it.

Recent SEO News Stories We’ve Been Reading

It’s been a fairly busy month or so in the world of SEO so I’d thought I would share a few interesting articles that we have been reading; they include the big flower scandal, some interesting international SEO stories, Facebook insights and good reads on link building for the future.

Google+ Authorship

Here is a small step-by-step guide on how to setup authorship with Google+, get your face on the search result pages and start rockin’ the CTR’s.

Germany Vs UK: SEO Agency Cup

Germany and the UK have a long footballing history together and things can often get heated, and nothing is different on the internet field with SEO agencies… well maybe just a few more red cards are handed out! This isn’t Wembley 66’ or Munich 01’ – this is www 13’.

Welcome and Grüß Gott

We are a German SEO Agency from the beautiful city of Munich, normally known for beer halls, lederhosen and the Oktoberfest; but it is also a major international hub for businesses from all over the world. So as an Agency we have decided to expand our services from just the German speaking market and offer […]