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Why only perform for a Google audience? There are many more valuable platforms with great attendance. Amazon is the best example. This, too, is where the action is. Enter Amazons big stage with our support.

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Amazon SEO

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When it comes to ecommerce, it’s hard to imagine a world without the marketplace giant, Amazon. With more than 220 million products on offer, it’s no wonder that more than 30% of consumers go straight to the product search on Amazon without taking a „detour“ via Google. With so much on offer, many retailers are concerned that they won’t be noticed. However, what many providers don’t know is that their ranking in the Amazon product search can be affected by a wide variety of factors. Benefit from this valuable opportunity!

With our well thought out strategies for optimization, we effectively exploit previously unused potential on Amazon: improve your ranking, increase your competitiveness and secure higher revenues in the long term as a result.

Why is Amazon SEO important for your company?

Our far-reaching tactics for Amazon product optimization are your solid foundation for increasing your sales figures. The positive effect on your revenues is achieved through these factors, among others:

  • Customer acquisition: Many users search generically, i.e. they enter a general term such as ladies‘ handbag into the search field without directly referencing a specific brand and allow themselves to be guided by the results shown. This is your opportunity to make new customers aware of your offering.
  • Increase in purchase probability: In recent years, the purchasing behavior of many users has changed. Moving quickly to the appropriate result and from there to the shopping basket is the order of the day. If your product is placed as highly as possible in the product search then more users notice it and the purchase probability goes up.
  • Reach: With more than 300 million users per year around the world – including close to 25 million in Germany – Amazon is among the largest online marketplaces in the world. With good rankings, you can take advantage of this enormous reach and significantly increase your sales figures.

ROCKIT Amazon SEO tips

Online marketing for smart Alecs | Episode 2: Amazon SEO – what do I really know?!

In this episode, we endeavor to shed some light on the topic of Amazon SEO. Not always too seriously, but never without any background.

Our optimization process for your Amazon presence

Skillfully optimized product listings not only increase your ranking in the search engine (and bring you higher revenues in the long term), the users will thank you for it too.

Because: The more relevant the product is to the user’s search query, the better its placing.

That’s why we consider the following steps to be sufficient optimization:

1. We analyze your Amazon presence

As part of our analysis, we take into account relevance factors, which we are able to influence directly, and performance factors. We are only indirectly able to influence the latter.

Basic elements for successful Amazon ranking optimization
Basic elements for successful Amazon ranking optimization

Relevance factors:


The categorization of the products must match the user’s search intentions. Only then can your product be classified as relevant by the Amazon search engine. A numerical series of numbers (node) is automatically generated through categorization in the form of an ID in the URL.


Up to 7 keywords can be specified for each product. We check whether you have chosen relevant terms.

Product name:

The product name should include relevant keywords. Brand, color, size, quantity, etc. must likewise be entered correctly. Only when the name matches the user’s search query do you have a good chance of achieving better rankings.

Product description:

Users want to get as much information as they need in a short amount of time. As a result, an optimized product description with relevant content is vital. In addition, it’s all about appealing presentation. Users like relaxed structures, in the form of bullet points, for example.


Images should be high quality and should give the user a comprehensive overview of the product. Amazon recommends a minimum resolution of 1,000 x 1,000 pixels. Appealing images increase the click and purchase probabilities.

File names:

Each image file name should contain the right keywords. This improves the chance of good placement in the Amazon product search.


We check whether you are selling your products in an appropriate price bracket. Don’t offer products for significantly more than comparable offerings from your competitors.


For (most) users, products are only of interest if they are available quickly. Long waiting times reduce the purchase probability and worsen the chance of good rankings within the Amazon product search.


Some users search for the brand directly. We therefore check whether you have satisfactorily entered brand names in appropriate places.

Capital letters:

If you write some of the keywords in capital letters, this captures the user’s attention and can help to generate more attention for your products over your competitors‘ products.

Performance factors:


Positive reviews have a beneficial effect on users‘ trust. Good reviews also increase the user’s buying interest and the purchase probability. We check the potential for optimization in order to increase your chances of appearing at the top of the list.


We check whether the conversion rate is within the normal range. If not, we try to discover why and develop possible solutions. The better the values are, the higher the probability of achieving good placement in the Amazon search.


We check which products have generated how much revenue. It products are not performing as desired then we set out to identify the causes and possible solutions.


CTR (click-through rate) and CTS (click-through sale) are key indicators for the evaluation of product performance. The better the values, the more popular they are with consumers. Popular products rise in the rankings and kindle more interest for users.

Duration of visit:

There are numerous indicators which reveal how interesting a product is for consumers – one of these is duration of visit. If this is relatively low than we look for the causes and develop effective possible solutions.

Retailer performance:

Have you reached your target? If not, we set out to identify the causes and develop possible solutions.

Sales rank:

The higher the sales rank of your product, the more often it has been bought. If the position in the Amazon product search is too low, we optimize your product presentation so that the purchase probability increases.

Returns rate:

If a product is very often returned this can be an indication that the product description and the original product don’t quite match. We check whether returns are related to the product presentation.

2. We generate optimization proposals

Once we have analyzed the current situation, we submit optimization proposals to you. We develop an effective strategy, determine the next steps together with you and commence implementation.

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3. We carry out regular check-ups

Our strategies for Amazon ranking optimization are your sustainable investment in better product rankings. The optimized content always takes time to show its effects. That’s why we carry out regular performance measurements and inform you of the return in informative reports. We define optimization potential on the basis of this.

A brief overview of our services:

  • We analyze the current status of your product presentation on Amazon.
  • We point out potential for optimization for you and discuss the next steps.
  • We implement the optimization effectively.
  • We carry out regular performance measurements and report the results.

If you too would like to take advantage of the opportunities of Amazon product optimization and increase your sales figures in the long term, simply contact us. We will be happy to put together a non-binding offer for you so that you can achieve good rankings with the marketplace giant.

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