Amazon for Sellers

As a professional Seller, do you want to excite your Amazon customers with captivating product texts and enthralling advertisements and cause a shopping rush?

Of course you do! Amazon professionals ROCKIT will guide you in the right direction.


Amazon for Sellers

Get started as an Amazon Seller with ROCKITdigital

Do you want to register as a Seller with Amazon, or have you already completed the free registration and are now wondering what advantages you can profit from after taking this step? Well: Straightforward product listing, quick dispatch, access to advertising measures offered specifically to professional Sellers – there’s a whole range of possibilities available to someone with an Amazon Seller Account, a Seller Central Account, which they can use to multiply their revenue on Amazon.

Here at ROCKIT we stand alongside the Sellers: Find out more about the opportunities available to you as a Seller and about all the services that we can offer you on our website.

What is Seller Central?

Seller Central is an online interface that an Amazon Seller or Amazon Vendor can use to create an account, which can then be used to sell products.

When creating an account in Seller Central, each seller has the choice between two sales plans – „Individual“ and „Professional“. The Amazon Basic Account for individual sellers is sufficient for someone who only wants to sell items on the online marketplace infrequently (less than 35 articles per month). Sellers who regularly, and possibly who also sell Europe-wide, appear as Amazon Prime Sellers, place product advertisements and who want to profit from other useful services and benefits, such as access to sales statistics, should absolutely choose the „Professional“ Seller Central Account. For this „Professional Account“, which we recommend because of its many advantages, you pay a fee of 39 euros per month and – depending on the product group – 7 to 15 percent commission per item sold to Amazon. In return, as a professional Amazon Seller, the path to increased coverage, visibility, discoverability and revenue is open to you.

Brand manufacturers and wholesalers with successful own-brands and a certain revenue can, provided that Amazon extends an invitation, become a Vendor and make use of the Vendor Central user interface. ROCKITdigital also offers advice and support for Amazon vendors.

Advantages for Amazon sellers with a professional Seller account

There are numerous advantages that you can enjoy as a professional Amazon Seller. We have listed the most important below:

  • Simplified selling of products domestically or throughout Europe via Amazon
    Products can be set up problem-free via the Amazon Seller Account and immediately published, either exclusively on or automatically on all EU marketplaces.Important: As the product page has to win over potential customers, all elements (meta-information, bullet points, images, call-to-action elements, etc.) must be populated with relevant keywords and oriented towards the target group. By the way, ROCKIT is happy to help here with Amazon SEO.
  • Flexible price setting and control
    The product margins can be neatly calculated by the Sellers and the sale prices can be determined accordingly at will. In addition, there is always a detailed and up-to-date overview of their own products and prices.
  • Access to detailed customer information and statistics
    Seller Central offers Sellers with a professional Seller account the opportunity to directly contact customers and to cultivate relationships with them. The seller can gather and check customer feedback. Likewise, demographic customer information can also be collected. In this way, a comprehensive analysis of past demand is possible, which allows the Seller to work out measures and trends for future demands.
  • Possible taking over of storage, logistics, dispatch and return management by Amazon
    If they wish, the Seller can take part in the “Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)” program. This does not only mean increased customer confidence for the Seller, but is also accompanied with the entitlement to offer Prime dispatch. The Seller sends their products to Amazon, or rather to the logistics centers, and Amazon takes responsibility for the storage, packaging and delivery of the goods to the buyer and then transfers their payment to the Seller. Amazon even takes care of the return management. During this entire process, the goods always belong to the Seller and they have full control over them. If there is a customer order from another page which is not affiliated with Amazon, the item can also be reclaimed from the logistics center by the Seller.
  • Possibility to place product adverts
    Amazon Sellers with “Pro-accounts” are entitled to place Sponsored Product Ads and Headline Search Ads, increasing the attention gained for certain products. Whilst Headline Search Ads are a banner which appears at the head of the search results list, Sponsored Products can be placed in a central position in the Amazon SERPs or in the recommendations on the product pages. And additionally: ROCKIT is an expert when it comes to attention-grabbing, cleverly positioned advertisements.
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That’s why you, as a professional Seller, should trust ROCKIT

It’s not enough to just list your products on Amazon. Even professional Sellers with Amazon Seller status and a professional Seller account need a little extra help. With the almost overflowing number of sellers (Marketplace Sellers with an Amazon Basic Account, Sellers with a “Professional account” and Vendors) and products on offer on the online platform, you need more in order to reach the users.

Here at ROCKITdigital, we can fall back on our years of experience, our online marketing know-how and, above all else, our knowledge of search engine optimization. We are happy to help you optimize your products on Amazon so that they can be found easier and, thanks to the optimal product detail page, we also have the power to transform people with an interest in your products into customers. Let’s rock the Marketplace number one spot together!

Become an Amazon Seller and benefit – that’s what we offer you:

  • We can help you with any questions that you have after creating an Amazon Seller Account and advise you before the launch of products
  • We advise (e.g. with problems with uploads or with modifications to details on the product page) on communication with Amazon Seller Support
  • We inform you about the requirements and quality criteria that Amazon requires you to fulfill to keep Seller status
  • We create or optimize product detail pages ➔ Our services: Amazon SEO with ROCKIT
  • We create Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for the best possible presentation of your products
  • We place advertisements for better placings, more traffic, more leads and more customers ➔ Our services: Amazon Ads for Sellers
  • We help you to establish a merchant’s store
  • In addition, we boost sales and rankings by using external traffic

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