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Facebook advertising

With ROCKITdigital for a strong brand and higher sales

Facebook marketing is one of the most important elements of social media marketing, for with nearly 1.4 billion members and over 25 million active users in Germany along, Facebook has one of the widest reaches of all social media platforms in the world. That is why ROCKITdigital uses sustainably effective Facebook Ads: Advertising on Facebook generates traffic for your website, increase conversion rates, appeal to specific target audiences and help you to acquire new customers.

Why is Facebook advertising important for you?

Our targeted Facebook campaigns enable your company to act rapidly and flexibly. They also offer many other key benefits. You can for example:

  • Target specific groups with low wastage
  • Reach potential customers
  • Gain more fans
  • Increase sales
  • Generate more website traffic
  • Get measurable results
  • Retain complete control over advertising and the budget
I’d like to advertise on Facebook.
How can I tap the full potential?
Facebook Ads

Targeted advertising on Facebook offers great long-term potential. With effective campaigns and strategic ads, we can continuously address the right target groups – increasing conversion rates and making a central contribution to your brand development.

We also recommend combining a social media marketing campaign with content marketing: good content will be shared, and is usually the trigger for organic links.

We create your Facebook campaign

Facebook is a personal and interactive communication channel, which is why we always tailor your advertising to your potential customers. Forget broad-brush, striking content: long-term success is built on authentic, direct and interactive marketing.

Our approach is based around:

  • Your goals
  • Design and implementation
  • Budgeting
  • Optimization
  • Analysis and reporting.

1. Your campaign goals

The key to a sustainably successful social media campaign is to start by defining clear goals. We then tailor all process to those objectives. We select the Facebook campaigns that will appeal to your potential customers, generating more traffic on your website and encouraging users to purchase.

Adwords Campaign Objective

2. Facebook advertising design and implementation

We plan your Facebook ads down to the last detail – this is essential if we are not just to reach your audience, but also trigger action.

Below are some of the criteria that we apply for a useful choice of target group:

  • Age and gender
  • Location and laguage
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Connections

This segmentation enables us to create personalized advertisements. It also allows us to reach relevant influencers and launch advertising targeted at them (for example using the Facebook ID). One tool we use to capture the attention of your potential customers is appealing design (text, color scheme, resolution, etc.). We also set a timescale (time of day, frequency, etc.).

To find out which campaign best serves your goals, we recommend first running individual campaigns over a brief period to test various options.

3. Budgeting for your ad campaigns

To ensure the effective implementation of your social media advertising campaign with Facebook, we undertake detailed cost planning and you retain full control of ongoing expenditure. You set the cost limit, and we define the best budget allocation for maximum results (for example daily).

4. Optimizing your Facebook marketing campaign

We conduct regular checks to pinpoint optimization potential, ensuring efficiency throughout your campaign. We consider relevant aspects such as the age, location and interests of your target group to make your ads more effective.

In the light of your goals and target groups, we optimize the following aspects of advertisements launched:

  • Ad design
  • Ad heading and text
  • Ad format (in line with the allocated budget)
  • Time and season (when can I best reach my potential customers?)
  • Bidding

5. Reporting and analysis

We issue regular and detailed reports that are tailored to your specific needs, keeping you up to date with the results of each marketing campaign. Here are some of the indicators we use:

  • Clicks
  • Reach
  • Frequency
  • Conversions
  • Budget used
  • CPR (Cost per Revenue)
  • ROAS (Return on Advertisement Spend)
Analysis Facebook campaign

We do not consider your Facebook campaign in isolation. Instead, we engage in professional multi-channel analysis to ensure the best possible campaign, and use Google Analytics to evaluate all relevant factors.

This allows us to suggest ongoing optimization and tailor your Facebook ad campaigns even better to your objectives and target audience in future.

A brief overview of our services:

  • We develop Facebook advertising campaigns in line with your social media strategy.
  • We implement professional Facebook ads.
  • We optimize your ad campaigns for maximum effect.
  • We issue detailed reports.

Simply contact us if you would like to enjoy the benefits of a professional social media advertising campaign on Facebook. We will be happy to put together a non-binding offer for you.

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