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"We are the world, we are the children,
we are the ones who make a brighter day,
so let's start giving!"

We do our bit to give back:

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for us is an important topic. Not just to look good, but because we want to give back something to our world where we have taken, and we believe that our fellow human beings are also owed something. Here is one example among others of our activity: Kiva.

We realise that this is just one approach, but it is a worthwhile and worthy approach! Therefore we regularly donate and have taken up the cause to try and give a lot more. So then the bonuses and internal rewards aren’t given to the same old “sit behind a desk” people, but rather to those who would then have the best chance at an acceptable future.

True to the motto: Rockin’ is nice, but giving is nicer

By the way, in this context we recommend! This free Job Search rocks almost as hard as we do. ;o)

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