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Amazon Sponsored Products

ROCKITdigital places Amazon advertising for sellers

Of over 82 million Germans, over 60 million are internet users. Unbelievably, three quarters of these users are (according to surveys carried out by the Hamburg-based data portal Statista) regular customers at Amazon. The perfect conditions for retailers!

But: What use are the many search engine users and customers on the world’s leading retail platform if your products cannot be found, cannot be bought, cannot be reviewed due to the sheer masses of sellers and offers, and the lack of sales and lack of reviews that result from this mean that your products do not get a good ranking and are then simply not found?

Advertise on Amazon!

Do you have a professional seller account, an Amazon seller central account? Fantastic! This means that you have the possibility to run Amazon advertising in the form of sponsored product ads and to break the vicious cycle of failing visibility and failing turnover. ROCKITdigital uses Amazon sponsored products to help you to achieve greater success with the e-commerce giant. This entails:

  • better placement of products
  • more traffic
  • more leads
  • more customers
  • more sales
  • more turnover
  • long-term top positions in organic rankings

Why is it that we can break out of the vicious cycle and find the direct path to success? Well the answer is very simple: As a first-generation online-marketing agency, we have extensive know-how and fully developed SEO, SEA, SEM and SMM expertise. We will invest this expertise in the field into your Amazon advertising. Allow us to run, maintain, optimize and administer your ads and watch as your products climb from bottom-shelf goods to big sellers at eye level.

You want to advertise your products?
ROCKITdigital helps with your Product Ads!

Where are seller ads run?

The Amazon advertisements for your products are displayed to your potential customers at two different locations. These ads are run:

  • in the search results
  • in the recommendations on the product pages
Ads Amazon, Werbung Amazon
Sponsored Product Ads for sellers in the search results © Screenshot Amazon

In the listing of the search results, i.e. in the Amazon SERPs, your sponsored products will already appear on the first search results page and they can be positioned in the middle, at the end or also at the beginning. Irrespective of where they appear, the sponsored product ads are labeled as a form of advertising on Amazon with the reference “sponsored” or “advertisement” in a gray font. However, due to the fact that apart from these references, which are all that differentiate them from the organic search results, they are predominantly perceived to be the normal or even best hits by the users.

Seller Amazon, Seller Ads
Sponsored Product Ads for sellers in recommendations on product pages © Screenshot Amazon

In the recommendations on the product pages, the sponsored products are displayed among the range of purchase suggestions that appear between the pictures, the list, the buy box etc. and the actual product description. The headline for this advertising area is: “Sponsored products related to this item”.

Where does the advertisement lead the users?

After clicking on the advertisement, the users land on the detail page of the advertised product. Because this page still has some convincing to do, it should be optimized. Attractive product texts and bullet points that contain the relevant keywords are equally important and necessary as incisive meta details, pictures and call-to action elements. If these integral aspects are absent or insufficient, or if the content has been poorly prepared, the potential remains unused and the advertising budget will have been spent in vain.

That just can’t happen with ROCKIT. We also offer SEO for Amazon and we will optimize your product page at your request.

What sellers can achieve with Amazon sponsored products

By running Amazon advertisements, you can achieve different goals:

  •  Increasing turnovers achieved with goods that had enjoyed little or no regard up to now
    Thanks to the conspicuous placement in the search results or on the product pages, your products will be purchased more frequently, which in turn increases your turnover.
  • Immediate visibility and prompt sale of new products
    When it comes to new products, you don’t have to start from scratch and wait until the products slowly make their way up the ranking lists: Your new products reach the best starting positions without any delays thanks to seller central advertising. This allows the product launch to take place quickly, which immediately starts to result in sales.
  • Increased sales thanks to time-coordinated and event-oriented campaigns
    Thanks to the sponsored products, you use the enthusiasm to make purchases that potential customers have in advance of seasonal holidays such as Easter or Christmas, or other events such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Present matching products in conspicuous positions.
  • Protection of already achieved ranking positions and retention of already attracted customers
    Seller ads also make sense once your products have reached a good ranking position and you have tied customers to your business. In this case, advertising prevents the loss of top positions and customer attention to the competition that is running advertisements themselves.
  • Directing the attention of visitors to the Amazon website to your own products
    By using advertisements to get your products placed in front of those of your competition, you direct the users’ attention and interest to your own offers.

When and how much do sellers have to pay for Amazon advertisements?

Sponsored product ads are a keyword- and auction-based advertising solution similar to Google’s AdWords. In an auction, bids are offered for ensuring that one’s own advertising appears when a user enters a specific keyword into the search field at Amazon. The advertiser that makes the highest bid receives the advertising position. They only pay if their advertisement is clicked on. It is not the maximum bid that becomes due: the click price is instead one cent higher than the highest bid from the competition.

The costs for advertising on Amazon are currently cheap when you compare them with the click price of Google AdWords or Facebook ads. This is due, among other things, to the still limited amount of competition compared with the Google cosmos. At least: Amazon’s pay-per-click fees are three times lower than those of Google – according to the information provided by the online giant, the successful bids, in other words those that win the auctions for top-positioned ads, are between 0.03 and 0.17 Euro.

Rock Amazon: Place your Product Ad now!
Rock Amazon: Place your Product Ad now!

Why sellers should put their faith in ROCKIT

We have already told you that we will bring our entire professional experience and expertise to the table for you. These are the individual services that we offer you:

  • We coordinate goals and budgets with you (taking your margins into account).
  • We select the products to be advertised together with you and develop your campaigns.
  • We analyze your target group and your competition.
  • We conduct detailed keyword research and generate a set of relevant keywords.
  • We test and optimize campaigns in order to find the optimal costs-per-click (CPC).
  • We ensure that advertisements are run for relevant search requests and are not displayed in the case of unwanted, inaccurate search requests.
  • We stop advertisements for products that are not successful following many tests in order to use the budget that has been freed up to run advertisements and subsequently trigger clicks for more effective products.
  • We deliver updates and detailed reports that contain important figures on the progress of the campaigns and the degree to which goals have been met.

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