Why ROCKITdigital?

10 years in show business and still going strong!
Since 2002 we successfully rock the online marketing world. We know all the highs and lows in our business – that’s how we have grown together as a solid and tight rock band.

Live on Stage

We have been online and marketing since November 2002

We can look back on the past years as an internet marketing provider proud and even fascinated. From the early days with a laptop in a WG (room share) in the Schwabing district of Munich to becoming a powerful SEO agency, everything has been and remains an exciting journey. It’s not just a phrase when we say that every day we are absolutely astonished and surprised to see what the internet knows and the power it possesses. We don’t always know exactly which way the wind blows (who really had any idea at the beginning exactly how Twitter worked… or what you could do with it!), but over the years we have spent countless hours experimenting and testing, and we have found out what works and more importantly what doesn’t work.

In the early days we sat down at our computer and looked at where our customers stood in relation to the early search engines like Alatavista, Lycos, Yahoo!, ask.com, Freenet, Google etc, we entered that data manually into an Excel spreadsheet and tumbled diligently through the Internet. Today the digital world is a dramatically different one to the world we began in only 10 short years ago. The younger online marketers in our office laugh at us when we talk about these search engines, having no clue what a world without Facebook, YouTube, like buttons and digital pinboards would be like!

Eventually, the decision just jumped at us from the digital sector: onMarketing was good but ROCKIT INTERNET is better. Especially since we did everything with onMarketing; from strategy through to the concept, design, hosting, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, the social media, e-mail marketing, banner advertising, print mailings, online PR, branding, online campaigning etc. Now we want to completely dedicate ourselves to online marketing, so that our clients and our profits rock accordingly: SEO!

Why online marketing and SEO with ROCKITdigital?

Because we love to rock your business as much as ours.
Rock? Yes Rock! Because a business must neither be dry nor boring, and that’s why we always do a splendid job AND have lots of fun doing it! SEO, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll is our motto because the Internet and search engines are our drugs!

We live (online) marketing, we understand very good why, what and who achieve good ranking in Google´s SERPs. We can profitably use this more than 12 years know-how (the agency was founded in November 2002) for our customers.

We live (online) marketing, we understand very good why, what and who achieve good ranking in Google´s SERPs. We can profitably use this more than 12 years know-how (the agency was founded in November 2002) for our customers. Whether conceptual development of a website or shop structure, internal linking strategy, organic link building; we can. We bring you and your business to the top! Don´t hesitate to contact us NOW!

ROCKITdigital? Isn't there "ROCKET-INTERNET”, is it?

Yes. And we have to admit: Rocket Internet and the Samwersche team were our inspiration, even if their reputation, especially of the three brothers, may be somewhat controversial. But at least Zalando is ultra-disciplined and experienced in the pursuit of international dominance in their market segment; and that is why for us they are a beacon.

But we don’t want to seem like we are currying favour, nor do we see ourselves as lacking creativity. It’s just that we have seen it for ourselves recently in the online world, how they jumped in there with all that energy and grabbed all the tasty parts of the market while the others sat back and complained without doing anything about it… how could someone out there get the better of me they said! So Rocket Internet may still be blamed as the worst Copycat philistines of the internet world, but we think they still rock! Can you think of another German internet company that has generated as much attention as the international Rockiet Internet?

And that’s why we rock! And one final thing to say: We just wanted to be the first copycat of the largest copycat-smith in the world ;o)

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