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YouTube Marketing

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By now, video and videomarketing has become an omnipresent source of information and advertising medium. This is also shown in the user figures for YouTube, the second biggest search engine after Google. Since 2014, the number of daily users has risen by 40%. Billions of videos hits occur every day – which means enormous reach. It is therefore even more important for you to understand the user habits and demands of your users and rely on forward-looking YouTube marketing.

Together, we develop an unbeatable channel concept and lucrative advertising strategies. With us, you increase the reach of your videos, make fans out of existing and potential customers and thus increase the potential turnover from your online marketing activities. Please also read our blog with up-to-date information on the topic of YouTube and YouTube marketing!

Why is YouTube advertising important for your company?

„Which product suits me best?“ – users are ever more frequently using YouTube as a source of information, particularly for decision making when it comes to product purchases. With your own brand channel, you are closer to your customers than with almost any other medium and can communicate information about your company and your products/services around the clock on any device and effectively build an emotional connection. The flexible mix of an optimized YouTube channel and the placement of far-reaching YouTube advertising makes a lasting contribution to increasing your traffic, brand recognition and your turnover.

In addition, you get other lasting benefits:

  • Increasing brand loyalty through videos
  • Lower click costs (CPC) than for search campaigns on Google
  • Specific targeting of your target audiences
  • Conversion of customers into fans and fans into buyers

There is scarcely any other marketing channel which achieves comparable reach for you: we reach more than a third of all Internet users in more than 70 countries.

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We create your YouTube strategy

Do you primarily want to build your brand through YouTube, generate more traffic on your website or pursue another marketing objective? For maximum success in your campaigns, we always keep your objective in view and, as a first step, analyze your target audience to this end.

We create your YouTube marketing strategy in consultation with you and on the basis of your business objectives.

YouTube marketing includes the following key areas:

The building blocks of YouTube marketing

1. Your company's YouTube channel

We design a channel concept which suits your company and your target audience. If you already have a YouTube channel, we check it with the help of our ROCKIT YouTube channel analyzer, among other things, and then define guidelines for optimizing your channel. The following questions, for example, are answered in the process:

  • Is your channel technically optimized?
  • What content does your target audience respond to?
  • How many videos should you be publishing per week/month?
  • etc.

2. Advertising on YouTube

On YouTube, you have flexible options, from banners through to videos, for placing your advertising. Fundamentally, a distinction is drawn between these two variants:

Advertising with display ads

We define campaigns and ads for placement in banner spaces, e.g. the YouTube search results pages. In order to achieve your business objectives efficiently, we address the appropriate target audiences in the process. Because the potential is far from exhausted, see:

Ads on YouTube search results pages

Advertising in videos

You can place ads directly before or during a video in order to reach the users directly at the point when they’re paying most attention. The following formats are used for this:

  • TrueView video ads
  • Display ads in video
  • Text ads in video

TrueView video ad in a YouTube video

3. Remarketing

You reach visitors to your channel afresh with our well thought out remarketing strategies for YouTube. This allows you to pick users up again through other marketing channels in order to offer targeted promotions.

You can thus re-target users, for example, who have viewed one of your videos even though they have not previously visited your website. As a result, precisely these users are shown banners on YouTube and in the Google display network which advertise your products/services, and the costs are pleasingly low in comparison with „classic“ AdWords on the Google search, for example.

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We implement defined strategies

Once we have developed a sound strategy together with you, we make a start on implementation. To this end, we optimize your YouTube channel for organic visibility, create the corresponding campaigns for YouTube and manage the required ads for the advertising network.

We are continually optimizing your campaigns in order to achieve the best possible result. In addition, we monitor and manage the ad delivery in order to keep scatter loss as low as possible.

We evaluate the income from your campaigns

For successful YouTube advertising, we carry out an evaluation of your campaigns at regular intervals and implement optimization measures where needed. We include the following measures, for example, as part of the optimization:

  • Exclusion of irrelevant channels
  • Exclusion of search queries which are not viable
  • Adjustment of the (CPC/CPV) bids
  • etc.

We are thus able to orient your existing and future campaigns in a more targeted manner. As a result, you are able to make more profitable use of your precious budget in the long term. Based on the results of the evaluation, we refine the defined strategy where applicable.

We communicate our evaluations to you monthly in informative reports so that you always have an overview.

A brief overview of our services:

  • We develop your marketing strategy for YouTube.
  • We implement the campaigns professionally.
  • We constantly optimize your campaigns to ensure efficiency.
  • We report regularly and in detail on how your campaigns are performing.

If you too would like to secure the benefits of an appealing channel concept and target audience-oriented YouTube video advertising, simply contact us. We will be happy to put together a non-binding offer for you.

We can also help you with the optimization of your YouTube channel and your content strategy. You can carry out the first evaluation yourself using our ROCKIT YouTube channel analyzer!

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