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We have been delving deeply into the workings of the queen of all online marketing disciplines – SEO – since November 2002. This is also why we are extremely well placed to train others in SEO. Regardless of whether you would like a one-off introduction to all of the topics relevant to SEO, need coaching in specific SEO practices and/or ongoing training for one or several of the following areas – we are happy to answer all of your questions drawing on our 12-years plus of SEO experience and a broad range of practical examples:

  • Improving your website’s ranking
  • Building up your internal SEO knowledge base
  • Developing an understanding of users’ and, in particular, search engines’ requirements
  • Developing a clear understanding of what’s most important in search engine optimization, of what isn’t important, and what is irrelevant or even detrimental
  • Getting an understanding of what to expect from a SEO agency and what it will deliver
  • Starting to build, improve or extend your links
  • etc.

Search engine optimization and MORE?

Yes! That’s because we are also leaders in online and dialogue marketing and as such, are experts in all of the elements of (online) marketing and are highly aware of the overlapping relationships between them. We don’t just look at SEO with our SEO ‘glasses’, but are capable of taking the whole picture into account and integrating the search engine optimization accordingly. Looking at search engine optimization in isolation makes little sense, and – especially if you have already built a brand – it is extremely important to take all elements relevant to online marketing into consideration.
And don’t worry, we’re not going to hassle you with “SEO texts” or any other kind of nonsense. However, what we are going to do is to show you how search engines like Google act as intermediaries between a person searching for information on the web and your website, and why it may match a web page to a search query and then again, why it may not

What we cover in our SEO training:

Tap into our expertise – get in touch! If, for any reason, you are not happy with your SEO workshop, there will be nothing to pay! Although that would make you a first! That means: our money back guarantee is a simple sign of our confidence in our product and performance. And we are not only confident in it because we are clever marketing people, but because we know our strengths. The sample agenda below shows how our SEO workshops generally progress. Each workshop participant will of course also be provided with a corresponding SEO workshop guide with associated contents. Before finalizing our workshops’ structure, we always consult our clients on potential focal points or specific topics they would like us to cover.

SEO workshop agenda

The sample agenda below shows how our SEO workshops generally progress. Each workshop participant will of course also be provided with a corresponding SEO workshop guide with associated contents. Before finalizing our workshops’ structure, we always consult our clients on potential focal points or specific topics they would like us to cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. Keywords
    1. Keyword research
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Tools
  3. Choosing keywords
  4. Testing the selected keywords
  5. Keeping keywords up-to-date
  6. Keyword density vs. term weight (TF-IDF)
  • Content
  1. Fundamentals of page structure and content
  2. Landing pages
  3. Unique Content
  4. Content and LSO
  5. Titles and highlighting
  6. Call to action elements
  7. Search engine-friendly content design
  8. Meta content
  9. Choosing URLs
  10. Up-to-date content
  • Links
  1. The basic principles of linking and link sources
    1. Communities
    2. Links/ organic link building / content marketing/ link exchange / identifying Linkerati
    3. Blogs, forums, (relevant) web directories – including for local optimization
    4. Collaborations
    5. Viral marketing / linkbaits
  2. Potential problems associated with link network expansions
    1. Bad neighbourhoods
    2. Nofollow links and Robots.txt
  3. Internal links
    1. Internal link structure
    2. Expanding your link network
  4. Other steps
    1. Looking beyond the end of your nose
    2. Erweiterung des Linknetzes
  • Other factors
  1. Continuously monitoring and optimizing all SEO measures
  2. Regular keyword checks
  3. URL stability
  4. Page loading speed and other factors such as CTR, Return to SERP etc.
  5. Thinking ahead
  6. The golden rule
  • Final words

Our credo

Google and other search engines act as intermediaries between a search request and a potential search result. This is why SEO is NOT done for Google & Co., but to help the person performing the search to achieve their desired outcome.

What would you prefer - our place or yours?

We can hold SEO workshops at our place in Munich, or come and hold them at yours, use Google Hangout or deliver them as a Webinar. Whichever you prefer – no problem – we’ve got it covered! Just give us a call on +49 (0)89 139 283 130.

Manfred Pardeller

Managing Director | Endo7.com

What I liked most was the open and friendly way in which the workshop was delivered, and was impressed by the amount of content we covered. During it, we took an in-depth look at our website and compared it to similar sectors, which clearly showed us what we had to do.
Once we had finished the workshop, creating a catalogue of measures and working through them one by one became pretty easy. I would definitely recommend the workshop!
Link zu Endo7.com

Gerhard Schellmann

Managing Director | Reisetraeume.de

I enjoyed the workshop so much that I ended up asking Rockit to work with me on all of the weak areas of my website that we identified. Rockit was always very down to earth and never encouraged me to have unrealistic expectations, by which I mean that every one of the Rockit team always took my questions very serious, and never tried to sell me (a one-man band – from “Africa”) anything that would be outside our budget, because we are only a small travel agency. All in all, I would highly recommend the workshop.
Link zu Reisetraeume.de

Stefan Würdinger

Managing Director | Fafit24.de

The SEO workshop Rockit Internet that was held for us focused on the basics of on-page and off-page optimization using our own website as an example.
Amongst a lot of other things, we were also taught what to take into account when maintaining articles, and shown the most useful tools to use for daily in-house SEO. We were also always given best practice example for every topic, and they included examples from both within and outside our industry.
During the workshop, we also worked out the negative aspects of our own homepage.
All of the workshop content was very well structured and targeted questions were always answered in a practical way and using concrete examples.
By the time we had finished the workshop, we knew exactly what to do to improve our search engine rankings, and also defined what to do next with Rockit Internet.
I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone interested in SEO.
Link zu Fafit24.de