Amazon for Vendors

Are you a Vendor and want to enchant the Amazon platform, so that the public can’t help but to sing along to your songs and buy your products?

ROCKIT knows how to do it and will help you to rock the Amazon house.


Amazon for Vendors

With ROCKITdigital, Vendors can skim off the best bits of Amazon

You’ve received an invitation from Amazon, you have the option to become a Vendor and you ask yourself, what are the advantages of this type of commercial relationship with THE marketplace? Or you’re a Vendor, you already have an Amazon Vendor Account and you want to utilize all the opportunities that this new status offers you, from the creation of a Brand Store, to the generation of A+ content and the chance to advertise more products?

Here at ROCKITdigital, we know the needs and wishes of Vendors and are happy to support and help you. Our website provides comprehensive information about the opportunities that you have as a Vendor with Amazon and about our marketing services that we offer to help you exploit these opportunities.

What is Vendor Central?

The Vendor Central user interface can only be used by suppliers who have received an invitation from the online giant to sell their products. You cannot register as an Amazon Vendor Partner if you have not received an invitation from Amazon. Invitations are predominantly sent to big and well-known brand manufacturers and wholesalers with successful own-brands who can also show a certain revenue in addition. It’s an exclusive circle of brands, who can use all the Amazon resources, utilize the entire Vendor Marketing and benefit from many further advantages.

You aren’t an Amazon Vendor, but a professional Seller? ROCKIT also offers comprehensive support for Amazon marketing for Sellers.

Advantages for Amazon Vendors

There are many advantages that Vendors can use to increase customer demand, conversion, sales and revenue, including:

      • Simplified order processing, thanks to Amazon taking over sales and dispatching
        Vendors sell their own products to Amazon, which can result in a high sales volume as the E-commerce giant can take on large quantities of products. After the sale, in which the Vendor takes on the role of the supplier, Amazon is the owner of the goods. Subsequently, Amazon takes over responsibility for price monitoring, storage, logistics and returns management from the Vendor. Thanks to this approach, the manufacturers among the Vendors can focus more on things like product development.
      • Increased customer confidence in your products and trustworthiness
        “Sold by Amazon” are the magic words that will lead the customers to buy products in droves. The reason why users prefer to purchase on-line marketplace goods that are “by Amazon” to goods that are from “Third parties on Amazon”, is because of the experiences that they have had in the past. Users know that items sold by Amazon arrive safely and well-packaged and that everything such as returns, etc. are covered and uncomplicated to do.
      • Access to more sales channels
        As a Vendor, you can also reach increasing numbers of Amazon customers via other channels that they use. These channels include: Amazon Family, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Prime and Amazon Student.
      • Better discoverability and increased attractiveness of your products
        Amazon offers Vendors the opportunity to let their items stand out from the sheer number of goods that they have on offer. How? With the option of expanding the information about the items in the product details pages by so-called A+ content. This includes: more descriptions, zoomable images, videos, comparison tables and so on. And to top it all off, thanks to this Premium Content your products will also have a higher ranking on search engines such as Google.
      • Option of creating a brand shop
        With the help of a brand shop, Vendors can present users with all their products gathered together in one place. Own brands may gain more attention thanks to this option.
      • Access to Premium Marketing
        With the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), which includes Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Product Ads and Product Display Ads, Amazon has put together a high-performing advertising package for Vendors. In addition, the online giant also offers its partners even more opportunities for sales promotion. For example, they can access seasonal gift offers, Subscribe & Save or Amazon Vine.
I want to get started with Amazon!
Ready, set, go!

That’s why you, as a Vendor, should trust in ROCKIT

Having an Amazon Vendor Account and a Vendor Central Account is in no way a means of ensuring sure-fire success. You also need some know-how and flair to make the most of all opportunities that are available and all benefits accorded to you, right down to the last advantage, and to be able to convert this into revenue. For example, a product page with A+ content should be constantly maintained, and adjusted and optimized when needed. This is only possible to do manually, even though Amazon does provide page templates, and therefore takes up time and resources. This is also needed to create, test and constantly improve Amazon Marketing Services campaigns.

ROCKITdigital is exactly the agency that you should trust with such a task. Not only do we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to online marketing and, most importantly, years of SEA expertise behind us, but we also have extensive experience with Amazon Marketing and search engine optimization with the E-commerce giant! With us, you can get started as a Vendor with Amazon!

An overview of our services for Vendors

  • We can help you with any questions that you have after creating an Amazon Vendor Central Account and you can profit from our experience.
  • We advise on communication with your Amazon Vendor Manager
  • We inform you about the requirements and quality criteria that Amazon requires you to fulfill to keep Vendor status
  • We create or optimize product detail pages with A+ content
  • We use the Amazon Marketing Services for product advertisements that attract a lot of attention
  • We support you with the creation of your Brand Store
  • We guide external traffic to your products

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