Amazon and external traffic

How do you bring lots of ready-to-buy fans to your products?

With external traffic and with ROCKITdigital!


Amazon and external traffic

ROCKIT boosts rankings and sales of your Amazon products through external traffic

There are many paths, streets and highways that bring a user to an Amazon product – to the “Details” page of a certain article and then from there to the “Add to Basket” button. These routes don’t just begin in the Marketplace itself, they originate from the (preferably high) placing of the product in the search result pages or from integrated advertisements.

Because: Bridges can be built to your product from anywhere in the communication network. What is required for this? External adverts that lead potential customers and therefore external traffic from external sources to your Amazon product pages.

Here at ROCKITdigital, we are (street-building) masters in constructing the most different, external high-speed channels with flashing signs that interested people will follow to your Amazon product. With us, you’ll be playing it safe when it comes to external traffic!

How do you profit from external traffic?

The ranking algorithm of the E-commerce giant measures the sales ranking that a product has with relevant keywords in the Amazon SERPs, with the help of various factors. When it comes to the relevance of an article, the search terms included in the product text are important, and in terms of product performance high click, conversion and turnover rates, whilst good customer evaluations are important for both. And as Amazon has an immense interest in selling lots of items, only articles with high relevance and the best performance will be brought to the front of the search results.

Purchases that are made by users who have arrived to your Amazon product page from external sources, so as external traffic, are a significant indication of the relevance of your product. Therefore, the flow of traffic of potential customers, who were guided to your page from online locations outside of Amazon and, in the best case scenario, purchased something, leads to a better ranking of your product with the retail giant.

Thanks to advertisements on external channels, new, additional buyers from outside the Amazon universe are gained. You can convert these buyers into additional faithful customers of your products. Furthermore, the externally generated buyers are a source for further assessments that are a signal of relevance and performance and again contribute to the improvement of the sales ranking.

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External traffic catapults your Amazon products to the top of the rankings! © ROCKITdigital

When does external traffic provide a strategic use?

Occasions where you can, and should, use the positive effects of external traffic volume on the Amazon sales ranking include:

  • Product launch
    A newly launched product that first appears on page 17 of Amazon’s SERPs barely has a chance of getting bought and getting well-known. The product can’t climb in the rankings if it doesn’t sell. If you let us place the product advertisement on external channels, we bring your new product into better starting, or result page, positions, therefore putting it on the radar of possible customers.
  • Surpassing competing products
    A goal which can also be achieved in the short-term is the ousting of competing products by your own items. For this purpose, we can also expertly use external traffic, for example, during seasonal (Christmas and other holiday periods, etc.) and shopping peak times (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.).
  • Improvement of organic rankings
    In the long-term, as mentioned above, external visitor and buyer traffic also pays off with regards to the placement of your products on Amazon. And in turn, the sales ranking has an enormous influence on sales, especially as Amazon users, like the users of other search engines, look at the first search page and then at the top places on that page.

Links from these sources guide external traffic to Amazon products

Links to your Amazon product page can be placed on the following channels:

  • Search engines (Bing, Google, etc.)
  • Social (advertising) networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • (Video) Platforms (YouTube, etc.)
  • Newsletter and other email notifications
  • Amazon affiliated sites
  • External product landing pages

Tip: An external landing page, which is similar in structure to an online shop and presents your product correspondingly, can act as both an additional purchase incentive and a filter. It is indeed important, if the people clicking on the ad transform into buyers. People that are interested in your product and visit your page but do not make a purchase can, in large quantities, have a negative effect on the algorithm, which uses the conversion rate as part of its calculation, and can even lead to the page rank of the product being lowered by Amazon. For this reason, it’s advisable to only guide users who are serious about making a purchase to your product page. With the help of an external landing page, users who have no intention of buying anything can be filtered out, as those who click on the link to Amazon are predominantly the people who would really like to buy the item. Equally, an external landing page can be used for the creation of a newsletter mailing list.

External traffic with your traffic communication center ROCKITdigital

We have years of experience as an online marketing agency, producing ads that maximize conversion on Google, placing ads on Bing, Facebook and YouTube, executing social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, creating relevant, target group oriented content for landing pages and much more. With this know-how, we can bring external traffic to your Amazon products.

We can differentiate between information and transaction-driven search queries and therefore between a simple user and a potential customer. To us it is clear that a potential customer would enter “Order electric guitar” instead of “electric guitar test” in the search engine. Therefore, we know which keywords must be contained in Google Ads, for example, in order to reach internet users with an active buying interest. So we bring you not just clicking users, but buyers. And as you know, a high conversion rate for the Amazon ranking algorithm is also an indication of an optimally performing product, which earns it a higher product ranking.

Do you want to bring external traffic to your Amazon products?
ROCKIT takes care of your external traffic!

Our service – how we regulate the external traffic

  • We define your target group
    As sessions which do not end in a purchase can have a negative effect on the sales rankings in the long-term, from the outset we ensure that our measures particularly catch the attention of users that are interested in the product. Perfect targeting is essential for us.
  • We determine the budget with you.
    Which channels or channel combinations can be used for the channeling of people interested in your products to Amazon depends on the budget.
  • We define the appropriate channels, communication pathways and campaigns for your target group.
    Our experiences have shown us that we are less successful at reaching the 50+ target group with display ads on mobile end devices, or that social networks are suitable for users who should be appealed to on an emotional level. We use this knowledge to correctly address our measures and lead “hot” external traffic – users who came to your page because they are genuinely interested in making a purchase and not just out of curiosity – to your products.
  • We place adverts, write and place articles and presentations and/or create the landing page for your products.
    Depending on the type of goods that you’re selling, the previously defined target group and the channels that are to be used to reach this target group, we implement the actions that we agreed upon with you, for you.
  • We keep you updated.
    The updates and reports that we regularly deliver to you contain important indicators of the progress of our campaigns and the degree to which your goals have been fulfilled.

Is external traffic exactly what you would like to profit from? Contact us today. We are happy to advise you about the measures which can be taken to get your Amazon products on the right track.

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