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We really do read stories on SEO!

It’s been a fairly busy month or so in the world of SEO so I’d thought I would share a few interesting articles that we have been reading; they include the big flower scandal, some interesting international SEO stories, Facebook insights and good reads on link building for the future.
The Interflora Link Scandal

I’m sure by now we have all read in depth about what is happening with the SERP penalty of Interflora for bad
linking, here you can read the impressions of the story from different people within our profession – Interflora penalty

Penguin war on links

So we have seen with the Interflora case that Google is seriously cracking down on links and those who try to use
them. Here the guys from AR talk about what the recent Penguin update has had on those companies and individuals who
still insist on creating bad and poor links – Penguin declares war on all links poor

Rules on Buying Links

And just to reiterate the point about using bad and dodgy links here is some more info straight from the horse’s
mouth… or from Google’s mouth – Buying links for PageRank

Facebook graph
We know that Facebook can be more useful than just telling your friends what club you are going to tonight, so how
important will the Facebook Graph be for the future of search engines, SEO and social media – Facebook graph search first impressions

Google Updates and Sistrix

If you don’t know too much about the German SEO world you may not know much about the tool Sistrix, here is an
story talking about a new tool being implemented by Sistrix that allows webmasters to see what effect any new Google
update has had on their site – Google updates and sistrix

International Domains and Local Ranking

Anyone working in international SEO really knows this dilemma, how to run international sites while trying not to
affect the rankings of you domestic sites. Here is a good in-depth article from seomoz about the issue – International domains and domestic rankings

Target Market for Link Building

It seems that we have been reading a lot recently about linkbuilding, well it has had a huge impact in recent times.
Here is a good read about how you can identify your target audience and from there try a get safe and relevant links
Target markets for link building

SEO Agency Cup
Of course we are reading our own blog! If you haven’t read it yet find our results from a study into SEO agencies from both the UK and Germany – SEO agency cup If you have any other informative SEO stories please share it below.