German Valentine's Day SEO Keywords

Ich Liebe Dich! German keywords for Valentine's Day

It’s that time of the year again for all you romeo’s and lovers out there, so after our German Christmas keywords post I’d thought I’d give you some more ideas about different German language SEO keywords, this time just in time for the 14th of February for Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day: Valentinstag

Valentine’s Day Card: Valentinstag-Karte

Love: Lieben

I Love You: Ich liebe dich

Kiss: Küssen

Heart: Herz

Chocolate: Schokolade

Hug: Umarmen

Roses: Rosen

Delivery: Lieferung

Rose Delivery: rose Lieferung

I won’t get deeper into any of the naughtier keywords you might find this Valentine’s Day for the obvious reasons! Best of luck (both in SEO and the romancy stuff) for you on and before the 14th.

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Valentine's Day SEO