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Amazon marketing services

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Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and is regarded as the internet address where almost everything is for sale. So it is hardly any wonder that the majority of internet users (in the USA it is already 55% of all internet users) who are interested in a product and its price, no longer start their search on Google, but instead use the search field on Amazon. The result: The fight to secure the best spots on the website of the e-commerce giant has begun.

Amazon marketing services (AMS) are your path to the top positions and prominent placements, which in turn means more clicks, more sales, more turnover! Because: over the long term, it will be those companies who invested (early enough) in their presence on Amazon who will win out.

Amazon marketing services – what, who, where and ROCKIT

Amazon marketing services are keyword-controlled cost-per-click advertising solutions that are similar to the AdWords used in the product search carried out on Google, the competitor now lagging well behind in Amazon’s wake. In an auction, vendors bid on an advertisement for their own product after the user has entered a specific keyword or a combination of keywords, or after a specific product has been clicked on. The highest bidder is awarded the advertising position for the search term. The advertiser in question is then only required to pay when their advertisement is clicked on. The click price does not result, however, from the maximum bid, but is one cent higher than the bid given by the next highest bidding competitor.

As a vendor you profit from Amazon AMS. Are you a seller? Then please contact us and find out exactly how to elevate your products above the masses of goods on the Amazon marketplace through sponsored products. As a vendor, on the other hand, you can choose from three different types of AMS advertising. Position your product:

  • at the header of the search results with Amazon headline search ads,
  • at central positions in the search results and recommendations with Amazon sponsored products and/or
  • on the details pages of your own or third-party products with Amazon product display ads.
Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon, Anzeigen, Werbung, Werbeanzeigen
Amazon Marketing Services – your products in the customers’ focus © ROCKITdigital

At ROCKITdigital, we have accumulated and expanded our expertise when it comes to search marketing over the course of many years. We are online-marketing specialists in the areas of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEA (Search Engine Advertising), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing). We add the expertise and in-depth experience that we have gained there to maximize the potency of your search-engine advertising on Amazon.

As an agency for Amazon marketing, we provide you with specific support during the development of your Amazon marketing strategy, its professional operative implementation and the continued maintenance, optimization and adjustment of your Amazon advertising.

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How do vendors profit from Amazon AMS?

The advantages for vendors who use the AMS advertising program are:

  • Presence at the internet’s point of sale
  • Setting their products apart from the competition
  • Immediate (increase of) visibility and findability of their products
  • Increase in the level of traffic and clicks
  • Improvement of sales and sell-offs
  • Increase of sales and turnover
  • Better placement in search-engine rankings over the long term

Why should vendors do everything they can to secure these advantages? Well the answer is very simple: Organically generating good visibility is becoming increasingly more difficult due to the ever increasing popularity and attractiveness of the commercial giant, the sheer number of companies and individual vendors who are pushing their way into the Amazon marketplace, and the inevitable increase in competition that this results in. Furthermore, it is not just relevant product texts and meta tags that are decisive for achieving a top placement of a product on the search lists. The positive rating of a product by customers who have already bought it also plays an important role. But if products can’t be found, and as a result can’t be bought, they won’t receive any reviews.

The ads displayed on Amazon guarantee that a seller’s products immediately appear in a prominent and conspicuous position. And the elevated position of the products also contributes to their sale.

But: No single piece of advertising of the Amazon marketing services program will have a sales-driving effect if it just links you to a poor-quality product page. We recommend: first ensure that the presentation of the product on the product page is of optimum quality. Concentrate on product texts, bullet points and call-to-action elements with relevant keywords, as well as attractive images and meta tags – this is how an Amazon user becomes your customer. Find out more about our Amazon SEO offer.

What our Amazon marketing services provide

The Amazon Marketing Plan, according to which we work on your behalf, includes the following services:

  • Analysis, result interpretation and development of measures
    We begin by conducting a market, target-group and competitor analysis, and use this to develop the strategy with which to achieve the goals that you have envisaged. In close cooperation with you, we define individual campaigns and suitable advertising measures for your brand and your products, while also setting an appropriate budget.
  • Keyword research and determination of the keyword set
    On the basis of the profound analysis of your target group and your competitors, as well as with the benefit of our expertise and experience of the search behavior of consumers on the internet in general, and of Amazon customers in particular, we compile a detailed set of keywords.
  • Performance controls and optimization
    After the measures have been initiated, we will continuously monitor and measure the success and the profitability of the keywords in order to optimize these and readjust the bids if necessary.
  • Adaptation to product-related and other changes
    In order to use Amazon advertising in a targeted, economical and effective fashion, we also adapt the advertisements when products are added or taken out of the product range, are not available or if other changes have taken place within the product environment.
  • Reporting on measures and campaign performance
    In addition to a short e-mail update that you receive in the middle of every month, at the start of the following month you regularly receive a clear and detailed report on the progress towards and to what extent the goals you have set have been achieved. The evaluations, which are also then used to optimize the measures, contain, for example, key figures on your products’ rankings, the conversion rate and the adaptation of the bids.

Find out in the following which AMS ads you can run. We show you what the ads look like and what they make possible!

An overview of Amazon AMS: This is how you position your product

With the number-one product-search engine, the probability of the user actually buying the products they’re looking for is higher than with any other online shop that can be found using Google. Why? Because in this case, the intention to make a purchase already exists and is the actual reason behind the search, while the preexistence of an account in combination with positive purchasing experiences in the past speak strongly for the platform.

But it is simply not enough to just present your products for sale on Amazon. The products also need to be found and seen. And this is exactly what Amazon marketing services do. They help you to expose users at various levels of the purchase decision-making process to your products. Your benefits: Thanks to the advertising, you can offer your products at the customer’s eye level on the digital shelf!

With Amazon headline search ads to the top of the search results

The Amazon headline search ads (also called ‘banners’) are displayed directly in the header of the search results page. This means that your products take up the entire upper area of the Amazon page, are thrust conspicuously into the field of vision of the user and can take over an entire product range there.

Headline Search Ads, Amazon
Headline Search Ads on Amazon © Screenshot Amazon

This form of advertising allows for a picture of the product with an appealing slogan (ad copy) to be positioned on the left side of the banner and, directly beside that on the right, up to three further, similar types of products from your product range can be displayed. The potential customers are directed to a landing page defined by you after clicking on the left side of the advertising space – a search result only displaying your products, the website of an existing brand store or a special campaign website (free set up possible). The user is also able to go to the respective product page of each one of the up to three further advertised products.

We recommend the use of Amazon headline search ads, when:

  • You want to show the user your products at the beginning of the purchase decision-making process
  • You want to make a potential customer aware of your brand during the not yet brand-focused product search
  • You, as a brand manufacturer, want to occupy your own brand and product terms before your competitors, in order not to lose customers who had specifically searched for your products to your competition

Amazon sponsored products – and the best positions are all yours

Among the Amazon marketing services, the Amazon sponsored products are regarded as those ads that have proven to be the most effective when it comes to increasing turnover. Users see advertisements of this type at central locations and top positions in categories, as well as in product and search result lists. They also appear to users when scrolling and browsing through recommendations of further products on the product detail pages.

Sponsored Product Ads, Amazon, Werbung, Werbeanzeigen, Ads
Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon © Screenshot Amazon

Amazon sponsored products are not, or are only seldom, perceived as a form of advertising. This is because only the small, gray additional reference “sponsored” in categories and lists indicates an advertisement, while recommendations appear as “Sponsored products related to this item”. Clicking on the advertisement directs the user to a specific product page.

In our experience, Amazon sponsored product ads are to be used when:

  • You want to reach users who are already at a somewhat progressed stage of the purchase decision-making process
  • You want your (newly introduced or previously overlooked) products to have high visibility in the search results
  • You want to direct the interest away from competitors’ products and onto your own
  • You want to prevent competitors from occupying keywords that are relevant for your brand and which could poach buyers in this way

Occupy your own and third-party sites – with Amazon product display ads

The Amazon product display ads are advertisements that usually appear on the product detail page of one’s own or a third-party’s product directly beside or underneath the buy box with the “Add to cart” button. It is also possible to run an ad on any random search results page (below the navigation). After clicking on an item, the user is directed to a specific product page.

Product Display Ads, Amazon, Werbung, Anzeigen, Werbeanzeigen, Ads
Product Display Ads on Amazon © Screenshot Amazon

We recommend using Amazon product display ads when:

  • You want to show a potential customer your products at the end of the purchase decision-making process and at the moment of the highest readiness to purchase
  • You want to specifically advertise your products as an alternative on competitors’ product pages
  • You want to prevent your competition from encroaching on your own product pages by advertising your own products
  • You want ensure cross-selling or upselling from your own product range by presenting complementing or alternative product offers

Act now – use the advantage!

The right time to invest in Amazon search marketing is right now! Because: The nascent form of advertising of Amazon AMS is currently offering newcomers additional advantages. The low levels of competition and the best advertising locations and most lucrative keywords have a positive effect on the click prices. Compared to the pay-per-click costs of Google AdWords, these are up to three times lower, meaning they are exceptionally moderate. The click bids in the cent range on Amazon ensure:

  • high visibility and an increased level of perception, as well as
  • scaling of traffic and sales;
  • furthermore, immediate successes with a product launch are also possible with a low budget.

Whoever acts quickly gathers experience and knowledge before their competition places Amazon ads. At the exact same time, value-for-money testing is used to determine the keywords that have the greatest potential for success, which are then used to optimize listings and improve the organic search engine ratings. The result: An almost unassailable advantage over the competition.

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Why you should rock the Amazon marketing services with us

ROCKITdigital is the right agency for you. It is not only clear to us what we should recommend you do, but also what we should do for you. Thanks to our many years of experience with Google, we know how users conduct searches and which keywords trigger best. Thanks to our AdWords expertise, we have a feel for click-inducing advertising slogans and advertising texts. And we know exactly what is required when it comes to the planning, testing and optimizing of successful advertising campaigns. And don’t forget: We can also direct external traffic in your direction and generate interfaces with media channels, such as Facebook, Pinterest (Pintermation) and many others besides.

Many vendors who we also support with product data and content optimization (Amazon SEO) are already benefitting from our know-how. Come to us and get your visibility, sales and turnover-generating advertisements started on Amazon.

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