Amazon Enhanced Content

Professional descriptions, informative pictures and graphics, magazine-like layout: Enhanced Brand Content makes products shine.

ROCKITdigital also provides expanded brand content for you!


With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Offer expanded content and win over customers

The first Amazon retailers in Germany have already begun to successfully use it – the (so far) free, so-called “Enhanced Brand Content”, which our authors are happy to create for you. As a passionate and successful content marketing agency, here at ROCKITdigital we know exactly how to achieve high-quality product text and brand content.

What specifically differentiates brand content from conventional content? Its diversity and informative nature.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
Normal product descriptions vs. Enhanced Brand Content (expanded brand content) for Amazon © ROCKITdigital

Whilst regular product descriptions are, for the most part, made up of key words or bullet points without pictures or any other visual aids, Enhanced Brand Content stands out

  • with important information,
  • attractive typography,
  • high-quality images and graphics,
  • comparison tables
  • and of course search engine optimization.

Expanded content also offers a larger advertising space and the possibility to present a product in a more individual way. Customers are clearly significantly influenced by the attractiveness and relevance of a product.

The perfect informative environment for your products? Created of course by the professionals from ROCKITdigital.
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The advantages of expanded product descriptions on Amazon

Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon ensures that you, as the Seller, have the following advantages and results:

  • increase in the brand experience and of the identification of customers with the brand
  • more attention than your competitors
  • increase of the conversion rate
  • indexing of content by the Google algorithm
  • increased sales

You see: In comparison to short-term major campaigns, Enhanced Brand Content is an investment for a longer period and is clearly worth it!

Tip: Be proactive – in order to continuously increase conversions, you should combine different Amazon marketing measures, such as Amazon Ads for Sellers or Amazon SEO, together. It also helps that here you can count on the many years of experience of ROCKITdigital!

How is good Amazon Enhanced Brand Content created?

The expanded article descriptions are particularly recommended for products that are in need of an explanation. Cleverly formulated texts optimized for search engines combined with clear visuals allow the customer to quickly grasp the usefulness of an offer and to trust a certain brand more. Naturally, that means that an author must be able to empathize with each target group and adapt the style and tonality of the text appropriately. The ROCKITdigital authors have been doing this for years on the basis of their classic editorial training.

You can read about the care and love for language with which our editorial team composes texts – a feature that distinguishes us and makes us stand out from many other agencies – in our information about content creation.

ROCKITdigital's service package for Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Our services consist of:

  • comprehensive key word research
  • competitor analysis
  • planning content structure and design, for example, choosing a suitable layout (template)
  • and last, but not least: the actual content creation, incl. text, images and graphics, taking into account search engine optimization (SEO).

Do you want to present your products more prominently, appealingly and persuasively on Amazon than your competitors? Then let us cut the ideal “dress” for your items with text and images. We’re looking forward to speaking to you!

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